The Artifact Has A Sound

There’s something that video games, movies and tv have that RPGs traditionally don’t. Music.

The Artifact has a sound.

You can get it on the downloads page.

Thank you to Joachim Heise who’s the artist behind the sound. If you like his work, look at his other music at Absolution Ceramics.


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  1. Dark ambient, funeral doom and drone metal are all great ambiance for gaming.

    The problem D&D had was putting out modules like Night of the Vampire that contained CDs with crappy radio-drama style content instead of CDs with something that sounded like Lustmord.

    • Loc

      I’ve tried using off the shelf music to capture the feeling I want to engender for a game, but found it problematic.

      • To be honest, there are only a few particulars that I’ve found that have been spot on for what I’ve needed, but OLoF NiNe’s “F*ck, You’re Dead” (an industrial dark ambient) REALLY managed to keep some of me 3e players creeped out during a dungeon crawl I ran a few years back. You’re probably not going to find anything that works that is mainstream, or uses “songs”, but a lot of atmospheric dark ambient industrial or noise(OLoF NiNe, Critical Theatre, some Throbbing Gristle) or even some minimalist black metal (Striborg, Xasthur, some of the stuff by Sunn O)))) can work pretty well if played at low levels as ambiance.

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