More Stress Driving Progression Thoughts

Still on yesterday’s subject, I realized that the player would have to track their total stress for that game because they can rest or eat or do whatever to reduce stress. That sounds tedious and boring. So how else could we structure this?

The other question is, what is the threshold for getting the experience point? One point of stress? Too low. Five points? Still too low. Ten points? Maybe, but that would potentially put it as the same level as a low attribute. So reasonably then, the level of a low attribute could be the threshold.*

That doesn’t fix the problem of tracking stress, but lets go back to the lifting weights analogy. If I lift a dumbbell once, take a nap, then lift it again, take a nap, etc, would I get any physical benefit? Not likely. I have to lift that dumbbell until I’m tired. So in the stress model, I don’t track my total stress for the game. I track if I hit the threshold of the lowest attribute in that stress class at any time during the game.

The same thing goes for over stressing myself. If I hit the stress level of the highest attribute, I injure myself and lose the XP bonus.

*This could have the effect of incentivizing keeping some low attributes. I can’t tell if that’s a feature or a bug.

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