Long Shot

Equipment ranges are governed by Range Classes in the Fraction Column System. The ranges are based on rough amalgams  of different distances I found in research. In normal use the ranges make sense but in a few edge cases though I’ve become aware of people busting these distances. Very frequently they’re exceptional cases, but they do happen.

I thought about changing the range classes, but that doesn’t seem practical especially at this point.

My other thought is to say, by spending fractional successes, one could extend the range of the equipment. I’m not sure how difficult to make that though. On the low end the thought is that by spending 2 fractional successes, you can double the distances in a range class. That would make tripling the distances in the range class possible if the character gets one fractional success from an advantage.

That seems to be almost right, but it’s an odd process. Do you spend the successes before or after rolling for range impairment? Do all rolls of this type get an extreme range Impairment? Do they get two? I think that requires us to play the rule and smooth out the process.

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