3rd Edition Player’s Handbook Beta Doc

I got through with the rough tweaks. I changed some old language in the book and did some rearranging that should make the document flow a little better. The equipment and vehicle crafting rules work. I can actually build a TF E-suit with them and have the numbers be very close to what’s in the main book.

I’m pretty happy with this effort, it’s only been a few months to get the crafting system balanced. It took me five years the first time. I did have my first system as a guide and that did help a lot but this system is more consistent and more descriptive of how to follow through with the process.

I’m designating this file as a Beta document. It should stand up to most uses.

Player Handbook Cover

Player’s Handbook Beta



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  1. HOW DID I MISS THIS? I’m going to pick a new feed reader. DOWNLOADED.

    • Loc

      Yeah, my feed reader stalls and I have to restart it periodically to get my updates. You’d think with all this tech, we’d be able to handle RSS.

      Hope you enjoy the book!

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