Player’s Handbook Progress And Other News

I’ve made some progress in cleaning up the Player’s Handbook. I still need to add in some standard equipment designs for the engineer’s resource. I also want to put section titles in the margins like the core rulebook has.

As for making the example equipment, I started working on a spreadsheet that would handle the builds for me but each equipment type needs it’s own sheet so it takes some time. I also haven’t got it tweaked just right. There’s a few situations where the rules loop back on themselves. It’s easy to do in your head but spreadsheets don’t like the cyclical references.

This also lets me test the rules and see if they need adjusting. Sometimes a single digit needs to be dropped or bumped to make things turn out right.

I also started to move The Fringe setting sourcebook over to 3e. I’m sure I’ll be reworking the rules for orbital combat and there are specific tweaks that need to be made to move modifiers over to advantages or impairments. Beyond that I’ll have to make a cover, but I’ll have to see if the existing art for the interior will be updated. In any event this book has been long overdue for a clean up.

We’ve been building up errata on the core rule book. There are two big mistooks and a number of formating errors to take care of. For example, ASO I-CA and Scimrahn tables last entry should say 96-100 instead of 86-100. The other big one is the book has the Chezbah Warrior’s HP at 15!  That’s not acceptable, it should be 35. There are a few grammar and formatting errors that need attention also. An updated PDF should be forthcoming to correct those and other problems. When? I can’t say.

I also would like to have a black and white interior book. I’m surprised that neither Lulu or Createspace offer both a color and a black and white book as an option. You have to publish both versions separately. With Lulu it’s easier to create a new version, Createspace is more of a hassle.

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