The 2D6 Simulator

Here’s the 2nd place winner’s die.





There’s one problem. As submitted, the die shouldn’t have won. That’s my oversight. As proposed, the die has 21 sides which obviously doesn’t fit on a d20.

That’s embarrassing. My apologies to everyone, I should have checked that.

Edit: Nope, nope, I'm a dope. Uriah's idea works fine, there was just something wrong with my brain when I made this. I checked several times and I still didn't get it right. I remade the die as per his specs now and he should get it by Saturday.

But I was able to make the whole thing work regardless. When looking at the probabilities the 4’s and the 10’s don’t quite fill the probabilities of two whole sides. The 2 and the 12 (almost) fit with those probabilities to be a little over the 10% chance that the 4’s and a 2 would fill out and the 10’s and the 12 would fill out.

So this is what I did, I put a red pip next to one 4 and one 10 (the ones that aren’t doubles).

IMG_0652 IMG_0653

If a number with a red pip is rolled, re-roll and if the result is a 5 or under the roll is the 2 (if a 4 was originally rolled) or a 12 (if the 10 was originally rolled). If the second roll is higher than 5, it remains the original number (the 4 or the 10).

It’s functional, and usually not obtrusive.

One down, one to go. My hand is getting steadier but I need more practice, which is why I did the second place first.


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  1. Uriah

    I went back to count and I think it did have only 20 sides. The 2/12 were supposed to be on the same side. If there was a slash between them, the number closest to you would have been the one you got. Sorry if it wasn’t explained correctly.

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