Player’s Handbook / Engineer’s Resource

Chezbah FloateyThe material for the old player’s handbook is updated for a while now. Although I still haven’t really come up with a cover. I have this concept that I want a group of PCs carrying big bulging backpacks full of loot. I also have the desire to have them trudging through thick mud. But that’s not interesting enough.

Then the idea of having three PCs riding on Pettok or Drammatok, maybe again laden down with treasures, and an underground vista behind them sounds good to me too. Still, two books with riders on the front? I don’t know.

I’ve churned away at converting the Engineer’s Resource to the third edition rules. The process has gone well so far and I’m nearly to the biggest and hairiest part, building vehicles. I was hoping that the new system would shorten the book as far as pages go but so far it’s winding up about even.

I’m also thinking, with all the news going on about the LS3 and the Atlas robots, that there should be more robots to go around in the Player’s Handbook. Maybe it would be a good thing to give to Comm Officers?

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