How Long Does A Chezbah Live?

Earlier I did a post on Chezbah medicine and how there wouldn’t be a need for very much in the way of medical technology. I was thinking about medicine for the average person but recently I thought about what could be done for the elderly.

I always liked the idea in Masamune Shirow’s Appleseed of life extensions. If you had the money, you could keep extending your life. Or at least bioroids could.


The Chezbah live long lives. They are not burdened by most disease that would slowly wear away their vitality. Because of this, Chezbah are often strong and vital even in their 90’s.

However, just the absence of disease is not enough to stave off degeneration. Over time organs start to become frail. For those judged worthy, pilgrimages to temples can mean a new lease on life.

A small orange capsule, similar in appearance to a oddly colored cherry is produced from the skin of the temple. This is a nanotech device that locates weakened organ structures and reinforces them with artificial scaffolds. It creates stem cells, bathes them in proteans that turn back the cellular clock and attaches them to places where cell decay is greatest.

For most, this treatment revitalizes an aging Chezbah for another thirty to forty years.

In the case of acute organ failure, if a priest can be summoned, a nanotech injection causes the failing organ to be rebuilt as an artificial replacement.

With these interventions, it is common for Chezbah to live for one hundred and eighty to two hundred and fifty years. Some Scimrahn have reported Priests of extreme old age.

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