Priest Bracers

In some of the really early pictures of Chezbah Priests, they wore heavy arm bracers. They looked like they were a device and not purely ornamental or any kind of armor. Still, there wasn’t any explanation about what they actually were. It was always my intent to have the Chezbah use more gadgets, but what would you wear on your arm and what does it do?

So here’s a little post to explain that. Feel free to use them in your games.

These posts will all eventually be compiled in a Chezbah sourcebook.

Chezbah Priest Bracers

These devices cover the forearm of the priest. Similar to the War Staff, the bracers are a storage battery for the ZPE energy the priest generates. These batteries are used to defensively, storing up energy that would normally discharge from the priest without effect and then channeling the power back into the priest to create a more powerful defensive force field.

The bracers also amplify the effect of the Ion Cascade shield by tuning it and directing it’s energy at incoming attacks.

The force field has two settings. Setting one is a 40 point force field that lasts for ten turns per bracer worn. The second setting is a 300 point shield that lasts for one turn per bracer worn but does one point of damage to the wearer.

The hit points for setting two is reduced by 30 for each turn setting one has been used on that bracer.

Setting 1
Shield Hit Points: 40
Duration: 10 turns

Setting 2
Shield Hit Points: 300
Duration: 1 turn

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