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I’ve been busy. The layout of 3e is underway, and I’m just about to the GM’s section.

Most of my time has been spent touching up and improving existing pictures. I’m putting the new art next to the older art and I’m having a hard time not wanting to improve the old pictures.  That’s been slowing me down but it’s a good kind of slowdown because it’s making this a better book.

I’ve updated so many pictures that I forgot that I had already updated a picture and did it again. I like the first one I did better.

Then I lost a picture that I swore I saw on my drive. I eventually found it but it just shows how many files and versions of those files that this is getting to.

Something that’s going really well is that I’ve learned how to layout elements that used to take a lot of manual steps and automate them. It’s making this process far easier.

What’s scaring me is my file sizes. I’m using higher resolution graphics than I have before and that means much larger file sizes. Right now I’ve got my working files in sections to reduce the load on my computer so it’s not a big deal that way but I hope the file isn’t too big to send to the POD printer. I’m sure the printer can handle the file, it’s just a question of sending the file through my tiny internet connection.

All that said, I’m happy with the progress and I’m going to go update a picture and paint two new ones.

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