It’s time to get to work!

Loc's RobotI was thinking that I needed another few weeks of pictures to get started laying out the 3rd edition but when I did an inventory, I found that I’m already at my goal of twenty pictures. So it’s time to crank up the pace and get the 3rd edition out the door!

The first step is to get an edited version of the text finished so that I’m not editing while I’m laying out. The size of the files starts to get very large when all the pictures are added in and the whole thing becomes very difficult to edit.

It’s best for me to build each section of the book as it’s own file and then put them all together when I’m done.

I can probably squeeze out another picture or two in the time it will take me to put it all together. If I apply myself I think I could finish in a month!


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    • Loc

      Too soon! It’s only been 8 days! Editing is done. . . Well, I’ve made a couple passes at edits I don’t know if I’m ever done editing. I’m starting layout and haven’t gotten past the 7th page yet. I did learn a few tricks that should greatly speed things up for the rest of the book.

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