What’s In The Works?

This week’s been pretty busy so I didn’t get a picture done yet. I liked the last picture as a full page pic to introduce the Chezbah. I’m working on a full page to introduce the Kelrath. It’s about a 3rd done.

I recently posted a new adventure that I worked on for the RPG Geek Adventure Design Contest called Some Dreams Are Nightmares. It’s a simple adventure but it goes in a different direction than the existing adventures and introduces some bad guys that aren’t in any of the other books.

I’m working on an adventure now that explains some of the things the Chezbah do. We’ve been playing with the idea behind this one for a while. The main challenge to writing  this game is that I want it to be partially replayable. I’d like the main threat to be reusable in other games should the GM choose. The other difficulty is that the threat is very dangerous. Getting a balance between very dangerous and TPK is not easy.

The third edition of the player’s handbook is in the works too. This is mostly going to be rules updates and changing how some of the Comm Officer’s guide works. I might get a chance to do a new picture or two, we’ll see.

Tortuga is on hold until I can get 3rd edition done. Actually most of it is 3rd edition ready, I just have to re-write a new skill and I wanted to improve some of the artwork. When I started doing the art, I was really out of practice. Now that I’ve got new equipment and I’ve been practicing I’d like to do a better job.

Then there are the other sourcebooks. The Engineer’s sourcebook is going to be a challenge because I’m going to have to gut a lot of the equipment creation rules and update them to tech challenges. This may not be as hard as it sounds though. It was incredibly easy to do for the vehicle modification rules. If I follow the same logic, making equipment should work similarly.

I’d also love to rebuild the Fringe for 3rd ed and give it a cover. It usually falls by the wayside when it comes to projects.

In the past I didn’t like making adventures but I’ve come to see their value in telling very specific things about the world. Even if a GM never runs them, I can put some very specific details in them that would just get glossed over in the main book. Because of that, you’ll be seeing more adventures that go a lot more into plumbing the hidden depths of The Artifact.

Waiting for me to finish all this art for 3rd edition is a little tedious. It’ll be nice to finish it up and put it all together.

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