Music For The Chezbah

Joachim has produced another track for The Artifact. He asked if I would be interested in any more music and I could only reply “Absolutely!” We talked about the Chezbah and what music for them would feel like. After what I can only imagine is a ton of work, he’s produced a haunting piece that carries the menace of the technocracy.

The Chezbah

This song weighs in at over 34 minutes and nearly 80 Megs so the file may take a moment to download.

I want to thank Joachim for his great work and ask you dear reader to check out his other works at and his blog,

Like the other tracks Joachim has produced, the length of the tracks are to facilitate game play and not having to constantly monitor the music. Great for setting the mood and less hassle! What more could a GM ask for?

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