No Free RPGs Nominated For Ennies

Rob Lang rightly pointed out that there are no free RPGs nominated for an Ennie this year. What gives? There is a “Free Product” category, but none of them are a stand alone RPG. What’s worse, they’re all big name companies putting out token products. Will these companies even care if they win those categories? Is the Ennies only catering to established companies with money now? That would be disappointing.

In full disclosure I did have a free RPG submitted but I really didn’t expect to be nominated or win. I’m echoing the frustration over at 1KM1KT.


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  1. And it’s been getting worse every year. At least one of them is close to an original product (the Shadowlands Conversion Guide), but last year had 3 quick-starts and 2010’s Gold winner was the Advanced Race Guide PLAYTEST.

    Seems we have a mission for the 2013 awards.

    • Loc

      Especially considering what a nomination would do for a free RPG. Ennies are there to raise awareness there’s plenty of opportunity to really boost a starting designer.

  2. I tried getting Fantasy Flight to comment over twitter if they would make their entry more accessible since the nomination, but no answer. As was rightly pointed out though, a sampler isn’t the same as a game, and when you look at the kick ass stuff that’s out there – this week alone I’ve found three entire games for free that I’ve downloaded to run at some point – you have to wonder what the criteria is for nomination.

  3. Loc

    There’s a Free RPG category this year! Yay Ennies! Yay Rob Lang!

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