Game Preparation

The next portion of the Game Master’s section of the 3rd edition is Game Preparation. In the second edition I had a brief page with some information on putting together a session. I’m putting more of an emphasis on helping out the GM to set up and play so that’s expanding to three pages and a Session Sheet. The Session Sheet is something like a Character Sheet for the GM to write down ideas.

I’m packing into the game preparation some ideas on building meaningful choices into the challenges the characters face in hope of limiting a new GM railroading players and in general helping them think of different possibilities the players may choose to follow instead of trying to force them down a single path. I think I may need to provide a filled out Session Sheet which will be really interesting for me since I usually just improv a game. I’ll try out the sheet for a few games and hopefully I’ll be able to refine it before the rest of the book is done.

The nice thing is that other than the examples, and a line or two, this preparation advice should be pretty universal. If you aren’t planning on running an Artifact game any time soon, try it with your game of choice and let me know how it goes.

Game Preparation

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