The Temple Ritual

This may be the first time the Chezbah temple ritual has been observed by outsiders. We were able to locate a remote pilgrimage temple that is used on rare occasions. Only a small group of five Priests, twenty  Warriors and a small number of civilians that serve the priests stay at the temple site all year round. Our guide, born a Chezbah, raised by Scimrahn, was able to move around the camp as long as no one directly saw her face. She was able to place magnetometers and microphones around the temple site.

We chose this instrumentation because of the known magnetic fields exhibited around the temple structures. Along with telescopic cameras we were able to get high resolution video from over two Kilometers away.

Unfortunately we were not able to transmit the data from the magnetometers and the microphones because the Chezbah could detect the transmission so we had to have them record their data and retrieve them later. Unfortunately we were not able to retrieve the pertinent audio that was near the temple site. We believe that the Chezbah have discovered these devices by now.

The temple ritual started with the pilgrimage arriving at the temple site. Forty or more priests encircled the dome and a doorway opened up for one of them allowing one priest to step inside. The priest may have been selected somehow but we were not able to determine if that was the case.

The pilgrims stood in concentric circles around the dome. All of them wearing masks that obscure their faces. Even the Warriors present wore these masks. From the audio we did recover, the priests began to repeat the words “Kel pei” repeatedly. This could be interpreted several ways. We take this to be a command to the pilgrims to think about Loc.

At this point the magnetometers spiked in a pattern that we are still analyzing. At first we weren’t sure but soon it became evident that the exposed skin of the Chezbah assembled started to fluoresce. Our guide who was with us two Kilometers away did not experience the same effect and we have attempted to reproduce the effect even on a limited extent with her but were unsuccessful.

The next part of the ritual was that the pilgrims that fluoresced the brightest were selected out of the group by the priests. Approximately seventy five were selected. This included one of the Warriors.

From what we could discern, those selected were given various titles and we could watch gifts being taken from the dome, the priests would literally reach into the dome and pull objects out and then given to the chosen.

Lastly all the pilgrims stepped forward in small groups and would converse with one of the priests near the dome. These appeared to be spirited conversations that lasted for ten to twenty minutes each with the Priests holding children and putting their hands on the heads of the men.

There was a huge amount of magnetic activity during this whole process and the florescent effect gradually lessened for several hours as the pilgrims spread out over a wide area conversing and visiting.

We are still analyzing data on the magnetic events and will notify you if any patterns are discovered.

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