Dice Contest Update

d20x5 95A little more than one week into the contest and there are a number of entries already. Here’s an update to keep them all in one place. If you like one, vote for it in the comments!

Eric Jome – 1 to 5 four times – d5!

Karl Olson – All side blank excepting the four sides with the number “20” on them and the one single side with the number “7”

Eric Jome – (That’s right, more than one entry per person is allowed, but you can only win once) 20 on one side, “re-roll” on the other nineteen.

Brian Cox – A 20 on all twenty sides?

Austin Fleming – A d20 with all the consonants on it (it has been pointed out that these already exist)

Chris Fee – Ten sides with a 20 and ten sides with a 1.

Jake P – Fudge Dice
1 | -4
2 | -3
3 | -3
4 | -2
5 | -2
6 | -1
7 | -1
8 | -1
9 | 0
10 | 0
11 | 0
12 | 0
13 | +1
14 | +1
15 | +1
16 | +2
17 | +2
18 | +3
19 | +3
20 | +4

Steffan O’Sullivan – A Fudge die!
1 face = +3
2 faces = +2
4 faces = +1
6 faces = 0
4 faces = -1
2 faces = -2
1 face = -3
(Steffan’s probabilities are a bit different than Jake’s)

Maurice Tousignant – A die with negatives could be cool -10 to +10 except you would need 21 faces for the 0. Maybe -9 to +9 and two 0s

Uriah – You could make a d20 that roughly mimics a roll of 2d6 (for settlers, monopoly, etc)
Sides would be: 3, 4, 4, 5, 5, 6, 6, 6, 7, 7, 7, 8, 8, 8, 9, 9, 10, 10, 11, 2/12

The 2/12 is the only trick part as you would then need to determine which it was (by coin flip, re-rolling etc.). You could also color one each of 4, 6, 8, 10 and the 2/12 differently to show that it was a doubles roll for games in which doubles matter.

Although he’s bowing out of this contest because he won the last one . . .
Chainsaw Aardvark – Rather than trying to cram in small symbols or esoteric two letter pairings, I would just go for groups of colors: Seven Blue, Six Orange, Four Green, Two Yellow, One Black.

Depending on the game, these could be used in a number of ways. “Any non-black or orange is a success” or “This power only activates on a green roll” or “Take damage if a secondary color (Orange/Green) shows”, and of course “Black means critical hit to reactor, ship blows up”. The above mix means you can can match any number you want to get the right probability – nine out of twenty is Blue and yellow, sixteen is any not green and so on.

Steffan O’Sullivan – Sent in this entry, again, you can only win once but can enter as many as you like. His entry was more detailed than this but this gives an idea of what he’s suggesting.
Thumb is either up or down depend on how it lands – a good yes/no or positive/negative – sideways is maybe or unclear!
Pointing finger can either point to an individual at the table or simply mean someone points something out.
Open hand can be giving, receiving, stop, or High Five!
Bomb and death’s head are obvious symbols, though there’s still a little time with the bomb – the fuse is still burning!
Flag: authority. Or Eddie Izzard.
Sun, Rain, Snow: weather impacts things.
Yin Yang: the turning of the wheel. Fortune becomes misfortune and vice versa.
Bell: an announcement.
Book: knowledge is acquired or required.
Letter: a message.
Super question mark: very mysterious!
Eye, ear: they see or hear something
Double arrows: a trade, or exchange of knowledge, or back to the beginning.
Spider: either a monster, or a gift (Grandmother Spider from Native American cultures) or a trickster (Anansi from African/Caribbean cultures)
Bag of money: it comes or it goes
Lightning bolt: something unexpected and powerful happens!

There have been some mentions of Runic dice but no specifics given.

There’s still plenty of time! What’s you’re entry? You can find the rules here.

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  1. Ooh, I vote for Steffan’s second entry, with all the symbols. I’d love me one of those!

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