Tortuga Setting For The Artifact

The corporate and civilian characters in the main book now have their own book. Tortuga is a setting about a Kelrath city that has it’s ruling Rantaa’ overthrown. In the power vacuum corporations from Earth slip in and start to influence the growth of the new city state. There are high hopes that this free Kelrath state will become a model for more cities to throw off oppression.

In the meantime, the civilian corporations are running amok in the relative lack of oversight on them. There are strange things going on and they’re keeping it to themselves.

The Tortuga setting includes ideas for treasure hunters including the mythic Titans.

Tortuga Web


The Tortuga setting includes some scripted elements but even more suggestions for a GM to develop on their own. This is a sandbox setting for the characters to deal with corruption, influence and the Kelrath up close. It also includes general suggestions for corporate characters.


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  1. Super-quick suggestion: Add page numbers to the bottom of pages. 🙂

  2. Loc

    I found some errors in the first file. Things that weren’t updated to the 3e rules. Man you can read this stuff a thousand times and still miss big blatant red flags.

    In any event I fixed them and reloaded the file. I may have more things to fix still so I’ll be bug hunting.

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