More Cover Art

After discussion, the last attempt didn’t have the right spirit to it. So take two.

A shadow moves in the distance and the huntress turns her attention to her next quarry. Each of her hunts yields a trophy tooth. One is enough to prove her worth to the tribe, but she has recently taken a Brouragh skull that she will trade with the tribe’s warriors. Their unusual mount only underscores that this duo has experienced many things in their adventures.


I did decide to stick with Starstruck for a font, it speaks of a interconnectedness that I like. Maybe it’s not perfect but I still like it.

I reinterpreted Nil’s suggestion for a picture of the planet itself and made it part of the logo.


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4 Responses to More Cover Art

  1. I think having the planet as part of the logo is a great idea.

  2. Sai

    I agree with the planet logo idea. Very creative. Personally I like the other picture better (except for the Chezbah hounds in it… lol sock puppets. xD).
    Another possibility for a cover is a space view of the very first probes discovering the Artifact. (Like it shows them approaching it in space)

    • Loc

      I understand the concept of showing the planet from space, but it’s not very interesting. It’s not something that would jump out and grab you. It doesn’t make you say “What is this about?”

  3. Sai

    Also the font I think is improved from what is was before. I think Epic Science Fiction Role play sounds… weird. However just “RPG” is rather generic. You could simply say “Core Handbook” or something of the sort. Or just leave it “The Artifact”
    I would possibly try other fonts, you don’t want it to be overly flashy. As Nils said, at times subtle simplicity is key, I wouldn’t revert to the previous font you had though. It all depends on the picture you have I guess. If you want If you email me a raw photo of a possible cover I could photoshop it for you, play around with some possible outcomes for titles.

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