Still No Word

I could get the go ahead at any time to start the Kickstarter but at the moment I don’t have any way of knowing when they’ll look at the project. I know I’ve been telling you guys this week was it but maybe it won’t be. Kickstarter used to have you do a write up that you submitted first. It would outline generally what you wanted to do and they would judge your project off that. Now they evaluate the project after it’s been completed and submitted. I can understand how that would be a more reliable system to make sure people were following the guidelines but it makes launch time unpredictable. The forms say it usually takes 1-2 days to approve a project, Kickstarter has been growing in popularity so maybe they’re overloaded right now.

In the future I’ll have to build this into my timeline.

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  1. Harry

    Eagerly awaiting. 😀

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