The Five Year Sourcebook

It occurs to me that I’ve never mentioned the “Five Year Sourcebook” publicly. I think that it was the first sourcebook that I started writing. It’s actual title is “Imbalance of Power” and is mostly written and illustrated at this point, I’m just fiddling with details on how some of the new technologies are supposed to work. It is meant to update the events on The Artifact five years after Earth forces arrive.

Obviously things wouldn’t stay static for very long when two planets collide. Technologies get updated, political systems change and a recent addition to the book is a new non-human enemy. I was going to save it for later but with all the material that’s been released for The Artifact, I’m okay with upping the time table. Originally I imagined Imbalance of Power being released and then a ten year sourcebook.

So why didn’t it happen like that?

Then after playtesting for several years we found so much detail in the world that we wanted to formalize what we were discovering for ourselves. The players were asking me “What is this made of?” and “What do Scimrahn eat?”. They also wanted more toys to play with and thus the Player’s Handbook was created.

The Fringe was created from the question “Why not just live on the surface?” players kept asking me.

The Engineer’s Sourcebook was my own pet project, I always loved making vehicles in games and there wasn’t a lot of interest in the Engineer occupation because most players looked at them as mechanics. So I wanted to elaborate all the things I imagined an Engineer doing in game.

Tortuga and the Random Encounter Tables are all Tarnoc’s fault. Random Encounters was made because I got tired of trying to figure out when and what would be around if the PCs went trekking around the planet looking for trouble. Tortuga is partly Tarnoc’s desire to expand on the Corporate character occupations and me watching a Godzilla marathon at midnight.

When will I get back on track?

Short answer, after Tortuga and the Chezbah Sourcebook is done. After that Imbalance of Power will be polished up and released. The ten year update probably won’t happen at this point. After Imbalance of Power things will move very fast in the game’s meta-story and things almost become unrecognizable. Even then that’s not the end, I’ve been hoping to one day revisit my first RPG I made and tie it into The Artifact’s story.


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5 Responses to The Five Year Sourcebook

  1. Tarnoc

    I humbly accept full responsibilities for all my actions lead up to the “are all Tarnoc’s fault”.

  2. Harry

    I’m interested in hearing more about this 10 year source book. 😮

  3. Harry

    Oh yeeeah I forgot about that…. 0.0
    I was supposed to play test the timeskip with my friends…. I’ll get right on it! 😀 (Or try to >.<)

    • Loc

      Let us know how it goes for sure. The Warping Tech isn’t fully formed yet, it’s really what’s been hanging me up. I have a few ideas that I need to streamline it with and a few ideas to add. Feel free to use it anyway and let me know what works and what breaks.

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