My Current GMing Style

Yes, it’s the merit badge thing. I may not have much use for showing players my badges but they make me think about my current practices as a GM. For instance there are a few that used to apply to me but I found they were making the game less fun so I changed. I thought for a moment why I made these changes and realized that I had changed because my gaming group had changed. This is the style that they’ve responded to. There are a few holdovers like the PvP badge, I just don’t belive there should be a wall in between the players. I don’t encourage it, I like a cooperative group but making PvP impossible in game seems like it would cause problems in the story. Think about it, with no PvP, Chewbaca couldn’t really tear C3PO’s arms off and so the threat would be meaningless.

Beer and Pretzels – We don’t take things too seriously

Character death – If you put yourself in a bad position, well, deal with it.

Improv – This is probably the badge that I identify the most with.

I’m the boss – I even say so in my games. Rule 0 is in writing so it’s by the book.

Exploration – I’m big on exploration, I’m not so great with mystery but I’m working on it.

PvP – Possible but not encouraged

Tinker with rules – I make games, you have to tinker if you make games. I do not arbitrarily ignore rules though.

You better run squirrel – Mainly because of the second badge up there. I’m not afraid to use it.

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