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I really love lifepath systems. When writing Steampunkfitters I made sure to include one. It seems a number of other people do also from all the mentions of them I’ve been hearing recently. For the Artifact, this is a problem though. Most characters are military, usually starting military, so they’re young and haven’t had too much happen to them. The other problem is that one of the strengths of starting a character for The Artifact is that they are starting with a clean slate in a new world. If anything, the whole game is something of a reset button for the character’s life.

Now there are a few lifepath items I’ve included in the bonus tables and limitations tables. Things like the character has family at home they’re supporting, and that they found a map to treasure fill out what are supposed to be the highlights or lows of a character’s life so far.

I’m trying to think if there’s anything else that could be done. Sometimes, you have to accept that a game element that you love isn’t going to fit with a game’s style. In this case a lifepath system just doesn’t seem to fit.

Does anyone know of an unusual lifepath system that would fit this kind of situation? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Christopher Jon

    This is a year too late, but MegaTraveller’s character creation is pretty much based on entering a service, serving, and eventually mustering out. It’s not really a lifepath system, but it’s lifepath-y in the context you’re asking about.

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