Look what I got in the mail!



It’s always exciting to get new hardcopies in the mail. I also got a black and white economy version of the core rulebook but that looks mostly the same as the existing books.

The Player’s Handbook needs some work before I can release it. The cover lettering is slightly off on the spine, and the interior needs quite a bit more editing before it’s ready. But! It’s one more step that will bring it closer to happening.

The character book is a 40 page book. Half is character tracking and the other half is maps for recording information about games. Now, who am I going to give this one to for testing? Hmmm. Unfortunately I couldn’t push the price any lower than $3. I was hoping to have it at about half that, but $3 isn’t too much to worry about, right? Some people spend that much on a coffee every day.

The economy book has a minor issue here and there. It shouldn’t take much to fix. Some of the artwork is rather flat looking  without the color but it’s not likely I’ll be able to do anything about that.


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  1. Awesome! Can’t wait, cause we’re going to order the core book, players handbook, and a few character books. Very exciting!

  2. This is with Createspace now, not Lulu, right? I remember vaguely – please do not hate me if my brain is stupid – that you wanted to do a testrun on it. So I take it you are happy with the overall quality of the physical goods?

    • Loc

      Createspace is far more affordable. Their quality is not quite what Lulu is, but the difference is mainly in durability. I’ve discovered that my nearly teen age son is very adept at destroying books he’s interested in. The Lulu books have survived longer than the Createspace books. But I could buy two Createspace books for the price of a Lulu book. Printing wise, the Createspace books have a more matte look to a printed image while Lulu has more of a gloss sheen. For my money, I think that Createspace’s quality is high enough that it is a better value to get the lower prices. YMMV

      • Yeah, that’s what my impression was and what I remembered from the last time you mentioned this subject. Thanks, always interested to hear about your experiences with self publishing 🙂

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