And The Winner of The Dice Contest Is. . .

I like the card spindown die but it’s utility is limited compared to a lot of the other entries.

I think the +9 to -9 swing die could be useful but I’m not sure for what. In addition, you could do the same thing by buying one of those d20s uninked with 0-9 twice. Ink one side red and one black. The red side could be negative and the positive is the black side. Only, they’re pretty hard to find.

The fudge dice are cool, but other than using them for fudge, they suffer the same problem as the 0-9 die. I could see them being used by a GM to randomly assign what the bonus for an item is, depending on the game.

I really like the dungeon generator die and it very nearly would have won. It’s just there are two more that I see slightly more universality from. After all not all games are dungeon crawls.

That leaves the 2d6 simulating die 20 (2D6SD20) and the symbol die for GMing inspiration (SDFGMI? SDF-I? Where have I seen that before?). And that means that one is the first place and one is the second place winner. But which is which?

Well, The SDF-I is great for any game but usually could only be used by the GM.

The 2D6SD20 simulating die could be used by any player, when they need to roll 2d6, which might be never for some games but there are also a lot of board games that it could be used for.

It comes down to the criteria that the die be revolutionary. In this case to offer a function that isn’t available otherwise. And even though its going to be a lot harder to carve all those symbols, I have to go with Steffan’s SDF-I. I’m always splitting hairs, trying to decide for these contests. That’s actually a good thing. I’ve tossed these two back and fourth in my head all day.

Steffan O’Sullivan is the 1st place winner!

Uriah is the 2nd place winner!

I’m off to my basement to carve up some dice! Gentlemen, I’ll be in contact with the two of you for your prizes. This will take me a little time to get them in order, I’ll keep you updated.

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