The Anatomy of A Warp

To: Dr. Jacob Grenwich, Director of ASO Science Studies

From: Dr. Evan Larrs, Science Anomalies Supervisor

This message is classified TOP SECRET

Site 13-A has delivered some incredible insights. The localized effects that we have come to describe as “Warps” are what would at first seem to be violations of the properties of common matter but when examined, they peel back layers of reality so that we might peer deeper into the bedrock of the universe.

Interpretations of our findings are still ongoing but our best hypothesis at the moment is that the anomalies in spacetime and even the apparent breach of the conservation of energy that are being generated by changes to the matter in ways we previously didn’t conceive.

Many theories in physics leave open the possibility that there are more dimensions than we classically perceive. In the case of super string theory, these extra dimensions are required to make equations work. The warps seem to prove the existence of these extra dimensions.

For clarification we are not referring to multiverses here, although our research does not exclude the possibility of their existence. In our holographic universe we perceive two dimensions as our four (x, y, z, and time), while other dimensions would at first seem out of reach of our experience. In the warps, we are able to experience the effects of matter moving and in many cases not moving in these dimensions.

Einstein established the speed of light in a vacuum as the universal speed limit. It is our opinion now that matter and light are moving in these extra dimensions at the speed of light or C as we will refer to it.

Because of this, we have discovered that all particles exist in and are moving through some of these extra dimensions at C.

This movement has certain effects. In one such dimension which we will label U for upsilon, matter moves in one direction at the speed of light. Dark energy appears to be moving in the opposite direction. Light appears to not move in U at all. When this movement is combined with a movement in time, it produces the effect of gravity while mass is created by the Higgs particles.

You might think of it this way, if matter is traveling right to left, dark energy is traveling left to right along U. Light appears to have little or no velocity by itself and so appears massless when it is in fact without it’s own gravity. Upsilon however is not analogous to gravity. Gravity is an emergent phenomenon that stems from matter moving slower through time and movement along U.

In the same way, many mysterious effects also appear as combinations of motion in these unperceived dimensions such as inertia. So far it appears that a movement along U and a movement along what we have called Tau or T produce the effect of inertia.

Just as light can be slowed down or even stopped by interfering with it’s motion, matter can apparently be effected in the same way along the dimensions such as U and T, either slowing it down, stopping it or possibly even reversing it’s direction.

From our calculations, this may explain one of the great mysteries of the big bang. Why is there not an equivalent amount of antimatter to matter in the universe? It would appear to be because much of the antimatter was launched in the opposite direction in time. The two would never meet chronologically and therefore never interact and annihilate each other.

If there are indeed 6 extra dimensions as calculated in superstring theory, this would give rise to forty six thousand six hundred and fifty six (46,656) different movement combinations that could give rise to different forces. As movement through time seems to also effect these other motions, there may instead be two hundred and seventy nine thousand nine hundred and thirty six (279,936) emergent properties that this movement could account for. We have only identified a small number of these and have only been able to test for five.

Whatever The Artifact is or was, it’s creators knew what these effects are and how to manipulate them. This is a subject of unprecedented importance that will require all the resources we can put behind it.

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