Actual Play Report; A Short Game

We had another session with the kids the other day, it was getting late so we just did a quick session. The first session is here.

Our two intrepid adventurers had found the person they were looking for but he apparently didn’t want to be found. Enedger figured out where they were in relation to where he had left his E-Suit. They were in a bowl like landform and he had to climb out. Enedger is quite good at climbing and so even though there was a ten meter cliff in between him and his E-Suit he scaled it in only two turns.

Kagami tried hiding as she approached Habibe’s location, failing her rolls horribly. This in fact was not a very bad thing as Habibe was not interested in hurting them, he just doesn’t want to be followed. Having Kagami close on his position made him rush and drop a few items that would serve as clues. Of course Kagami didn’t notice them because she failed her rolls again.

Habibe ran into a cave, but on investigating there were really three caves that he could have run into and he had gone in and out of the caves for some time so Kagami was not able to track and figure out which one he had just went into (ie failed her roll for tracking).

Enedger came back in his E-Suit and rolled his 1/8th and got his advantage for sensors so he was able to pick up that Habibe had camped here because there was the remnants of a fire that was cooling. He was also able to pick up a small object near the fire and because he had rolled so ridiculously well, also could pick up the faint heat and sound of Habibe and which cave he had gone down.

The two investigated the camp and found several papers and a metal disk about 5cm in diameter. The papers were in Arabic which neither could read but there were some maps that Habibe had drawn that gave the rough layout of the three caves and one had a point marked out in the valley of the Kerdi.

The map of the cave Habibe went down did not show an outlet anywhere. They debated what to do about not letting him double back on them and escape. They thought about making a trap where a rock would fall on him, but Kagami decided that wasn’t a good idea because they didn’t want to kill him. Eventually Enedger decided he would have his E-Suit sit on the mouth of the cave. He could tell it to get up if they needed to get out.

They entered the cave and did some climbing down into deep pits, Kagami had to rest occasionally one because of more bad rolls and she’s not quite as strong as Enedger.

Finnally they came to a large underground gallery (room). Just off center was a large stone and when they investigated it found it was full of Kelrath carvings. Again, neither can read Kelrath so they have no idea what it all means. Kagami looked for tracks and found that Habibe had walked up to this stone and then walked directly to the center of the gallery where his footprints mysteriously end.

Thats where we left off. Next game will be interesting because I’m going to be throwing in a few classic logic puzzles.

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